Save your Green Pet Cat from the Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

You all know that smoking is bad for the health. But this is not just for humans, also for your green pets. The health risks associated with inhaling secondhand smoke have proved to be just as worrisome for cats. But unlike you, they don’t have the choice to escape the environment to get fresher air. What’s more, pollutants from the air collect on your cat’s coat. Since they are meticulous groomers, they can easily ingest these harmful substances once they lick their fur.

Here’s a list of few diseases that are risk to your cats if regularly exposed to secondhand smoke:

o    Malignant lymphoma
o    Squamous cell carcinoma
o    Nicotine poisoning
o    Asthma

What Can You Do?

As a responsible pet parent, you have many options to protect your cat from secondhand smoke. But what can you do? It’s not easy to quit smoking. Here are four tips that can guide even the most addicted smoker:

1)    Smoke at designated areas

When you smoke, do it far away from your pets. The less exposure, the greater the chances your cat stays healthy.

2)    Use air filters

Air filters may help clean the environment. It will remove harmful chemicals in the air that could block your cat’s respiratory passage.

3)    Always clean your pet and your house

Take regular baths or at least wipe your cat’s fur with damp cloth.  It can help remove smoke residue from cat fur. Keep all cigarette butts, tobacco products and even nicotine patches out of your cat’s sight to prevent accidental illness, poisoning or even death.

What could be the best solution of all? It’s simple, if you’re a smoker, just quit. Why expose your beloved furry friend to danger? In fact, you can all live green, for everybody to be safe and healthy.


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