What is the Safest Food Bowl for your Green Pet Cat?

Buying food and water bowls for your green pets isn’t a simple matter of picking the cutest pattern or the right size. There are some important considerations to think about before making a choice. You have to pick up the safest cat food bowl. It should be safe to contain food and should be made from green eco friendly materials.

Normally, there are three common kinds of cat food bowls:

1) Plastic Bowls

These are generally sturdy but they have a couple of downsides. So if possible avoid using plastic, it’s not safe for your cats.

many cats have an allergy to plastic, and develop a skin condition on their chins, resembling acne.

plastic tends to nick and scratch and those tiny fissures become a breeding ground for germs.

2) Stainless Steel Bowls

These are unbreakable, sturdy, dishwasher-safe and harmless to cats. One of the most recommended food bowls.

3) Ceramic Bowls

Another good choice is ceramic bowls. They are also highly recommended by veterinarians. Provided they use a lead-free glaze so that they won’t be poisonous to cats.

Here are three cat food bowl tips to help you select the best and safe food dish for your green cat:

Tip 1 – Whatever type of dish you would buy, make sure you wash and refill them every day with clean fresh water.

Tip 2 – A tip in cleaning the food bowl. You have to use a wet sponge to rub the sides and corners of the cat food dish. Make sure that no bacteria and slime are growing there.

Tip 3 – In choosing a cat food dish, you need to buy something that is sturdy and dishwasher safe. It can be made of metal or ceramic. A long as it won’t break if your cat/s knocks it over and won’t make the cat’s food taste bad.

As a green cat parent, you must have food and water dishes to care for your feline friend. Your cat probably won’t care if the bowls are ceramic or stainless steel. You just fill them with green food that will surely make your cat healthy and live long.


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