Three Tips for a Safe and Healthy Green Pet Cat Weight Loss Program

Cat’s being overweight is not something to take lightly especially for a green pet cat. It can be due to a number of factors. In order to maintain their health, you will need to monitor their weight very closely. At the first sign of change, you should visit your vet.  Make sure there are no underlying health problems causing the weight gain. There may also be unforeseen dangers to weight loss if unhealthy conditions are present.

Here are three tips to help you with your cat’s weight problem.

Tip 1: The first step in losing your cat’s weight is watching their diet.

Many of you don’t realize you’re over feeding the cat.  You may also be giving them unhealthy commercial foods. If you have a larger cat, it needs food with a lower calorie content to avoid becoming overweight.

Tip 2: Stop poor eating habits.

If your cat is eating people food, that has to be cut out. Also if you’re giving snacks or treats, that should be stopped. It is safer and healthier to feed your cat green food. It’s also better to give small meals during the day instead of large meals twice a day.

Tip 3: Get your cat to have some exercise.

For a healthier diet, your cat should want to be more active. They can be stubborn at times. If possible try to get them to play a couple of times a day.

A healthy cat weight loss will not happen just overnight. It will take time and dedication from both you and your green cat. Remember to help your green pets lose weight naturally and safely.


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